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What Our Students Say

Subjects studied at LSFC: A Level Business, Computer Science and History

I decided to attend Lordswood Sixth Form as I had been at my previous school, St George’s School Edgbaston, since the age of four. I felt it was time for me to embrace a different environment. Lordswood was recommended to me by a family friend, when visiting I was attracted to the atmosphere of the sixth form, also the attitudes of students who attended before me.

I feel that the Sixth Form offers its students a lot of independence and freedom, compared to secondary school, which helps you develop into a young adult, preparing you for life beyond Lordswood Sixth Form.

Subjects studied at LSFC: A Level Mathematics, A-level Chemistry, A-level Biology

I chose to study at Lordswood Sixth Form as I had attended the secondary school so I was already familiar with the environment. I was confident this was an atmosphere where I would be encouraged to do my best in my studies, be able to ask for help if I needed it and somewhere where I would enjoy studying for two years.

Best thing about being a student at LSFC: I find that the independence we are given at Lordswood really allows us to make our own decisions which prepares us for further education. You have freedom in what you want to do within your study periods and you can leave the site during these and at break or lunch. As opposed to a college it’s still a more supportive environment and it’s a lot more structured.

Subjects studied at LSFC: A Level Mathematics, Computer Science and Government & Politics

Having been a student at Lordswood since 2014, I decided to carry on my post-16 education and study at Lordswood Sixth Form Centre for many reasons. Firstly, the sixth form has an amazing teacher-student support network, with teachers that are willing to help in any situation. The sixth form offers a lot of independence to its students, in all areas for example independent study time via study periods and it provides students with a ‘social space’ which encourages learning and socialising. Making friends at a new school can be difficult, and Lordswood Sixth Form overcomes this by organising a variety of social activities and clubs throughout the year such as ice skating, bowling and movie nights. 

The best thing about being a student at LSFC is the hands-on support you’ll receive at Lordswood. The sixth form supports their students vastly through the tailored transition from GCSE to A-Level and post-18 advice where students are provided with countless opportunities and enrichment activities, which allow you to develop your skills outside of academia. 

Subjects studied at LSFC: A Level Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Lordswood. There was a real sense of community and camaraderie which was lovely to be part of. The teachers were truly inspiring and pushed us to achieve our very best. The level of teaching was outstanding and I enjoyed my lessons. I was given many opportunities to progress both academically and personally. I am certain that Lordswood has shaped me into the person I am today and I have gained a wide variety of skills that will prove invaluable in the future. I am now studying Pharmacy at the University of Birmingham.