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Business Studies


Extended Certificate
Whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur, someone who wants to work for one of the world’s largest organisations as a CEO, or just an individual who would like to know more about the world of business, then this course could be for you! 

This course is a Level 3 qualification and consequently equivalent to A level. The BTEC course is aimed at students who prefer assignment based assessment and are able to extensively research existing businesses. They should also have a preference for learning about personal finance which includes banking, insurance, savings and borrowing, in addition wanting to experience the processes of completing corporate financial documents such as cash flow forecasts and trading accounts.

Why choose this?
Business provides a platform from which to apply for many related degree courses including business and management, marketing, accountancy, economics and IT based degrees. Studying business can support you when applying to work or study abroad, or for combined degrees in international relations and languages.

Alternatively, students can find paid employment in organisations such as KPMG or apply for apprenticeships including business administration.

Areas of study & assessment
Unit 1: Exploring business – coursework (worth 25% of the course)
Unit 2: Developing a marketing campaign – controlled assessment  (worth 25% of the course)  
Unit 3: Personal and business finance – examination (worth 33% of the course)
Unit 8: Recruitment and selection process – coursework  (worth 17% of the course)

Grading: Coursework and examinations are graded as follows:
Distinction * – this equivalent to A* 
Distinction – – this equivalent to A
Merit- this equivalent to C
Pass – this equivalent to E


  • Opportunity for students to start their own in-school business 
  • Trips to the German Markets, Cadbury World, Alton Towers
  • CIPFA challenge
  • Mentoring GCSE business students

I chose to study business simply because it was one of the subjects that I had a lot of interest for.  The course gave me an understanding of how businesses operates in terms of decision making, being cost effective, marketing etc. and allowed me to recognise, in real life, strategies businesses use and their purpose.  The amount you can learn in business is extensive, the way businesses run is changing constantly as people are finding better ways to operate and better ideas to adapt existing products/services as well as identifying new customer needs. What I enjoyed most about business studies was learning how important decision making was to keep a business successful and how entrepreneurs use various strategies to save their struggling business.  I am currently studying architecture and I believe that business has helped to recognise how I can create designs that cater the needs of the consumers and how architects may use certain aspects in designs to market to their consumer as a USP.

Business Studies student