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Learning Agreement

Learning Agreement – Responsibility, Commitment, Respect

To ensure that we are able to provide a safe, productive and successful learning environment we have high expectations of all LSFC students.  We therefore expect you to follow the 10 key points outlined below.  By agreeing to the LSFC 10 you are showing your commitment to getting the best out your time at Lordswood Sixth Form Centre.

1. Take responsibility for your own learning, use study periods wisely, attend revision sessions and catch up on work missed.

In addition to your subject lessons and review sessions, you will have study periods. The Hub is available to you every day where you can work quietly. LSFC staff are committed to helping you succeed, so please ask for their help and guidance when needed. If you miss any lessons it is your responsibility to catch up on the work missed.

2. Behave appropriately and responsibly in lessons and around school.
As a student at LSFC you are expected to behave appropriately at all times. Our staff are committed to helping you achieve academic success and ensure that you get the most out of your time at LSFC. We therefore have high expectations of your behaviour in lessons and around school.  You should be thoughtful and caring at all times and behave in a manner that ensures a productive learning environment.

3. Attend all sessions on time
It is simple – students who attend all their sessions will get the most out of their time at LSFC. This means subject lessons, registration and review time, one-to-one meetings with your review tutor and post-18 career mentor, and PSHEE days. Attendance will be closely monitored. Below 95% attendance would be regarded as a serious concern. You should ensure absences are reported to the sixth form team by 8.30am on the day of absence.

4. Always be prepared for learning
You should always come to lessons prepared for learning.  Make sure you have the correct equipment.  If your teacher has asked you to prepare work beforehand, make sure you have completed it so you can get the most out of the lesson.

5. Meet deadlines and always complete your work to the best of your ability
Keep to the deadlines set by your teachers as it will ensure you stay organised and stress free. If you are having a difficulty in meeting a deadline, then talk to your teacher BEFORE THE DEADLINE – staff are here to help and will be understanding. You should be aiming for at least 4 hours homework and private study per subject, per week (12 hours per extended diploma).

6. Balance your studies and free-time
To get the most out of your studies you should find the right balance between sixth form work and free-time. Organise your time so that you don’t leave everything to the last minute or get yourself stressed. Give yourself relaxation time. Part-time jobs should be authorised by the Director of Post-16 Studies. If you have a part-time job at no point should it interfere with your LSFC commitments.

7. Treat all fellow students, the staff and community with respect
LSFC is part of the Lordswood Girls’ School community. We expect that you treat other students (including those in the lowers years), staff and the public with respect and courtesy. We expect tolerance of other people’s views. Be aware that you are an ambassador for LSFC and represent LSFC at all times, both on and off site.

8. Be respectful of the school environment and equipment, complete work quietly and tidy away after yourself
The LSFC learning and social environment is your responsibility. Always use the bins to clear up when you have used the canteen and study areas.  Leave your classrooms tidy and ready for the next students to use.  Treat equipment with care and respect. Students must follow the LSFC ICT and Digital Media code of conduct.

9.  Wear your Student I.D. card at all times ensuring it is visible
To make sure that LSFC is a safe environment for all, you should always wear your ID card and be prepared to show it to any member of staff if asked to do so. You should sign in and out of the building at all times.

10.  Follow the LSFC Codes of Conduct
Our codes of conduct outline our high expectations of behaviour, dress and the use ICT and digital devices. Our dress code gives you the opportunity to feel relaxed and comfortable in your own clothes but we do believe that being smartly dressed helps you to remain focused and alert for work. Making sure you behave appropriately, and use ICT and digital devices sensibly will ensure a productive and safe learning environment.