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Codes of Conduct

LSFC Dress Code

Students in the sixth form can wear their own choice of clothes as part of the transition to independent student life. 

Students must remember that they are members of the Lordswood Girls’ School community and are role models for students in the lower years. We expect students to dress in a manner that is suitable for an educational environment and fits in with our priorities for health, safety and security, and is suitable for learning. 

It is a sixth form privilege to have a reasonable amount of personal choice but students also have a responsibility to dress in the expected manner. It is possible at times that students may not meet our expectations, and the Sixth Form Team reserves the right to send home any student wearing clothes that are deemed inappropriate for the school environment. The following list outlines our expectations. 

The list, however, is not exhaustive and the overriding principle is that it is the judgement of staff that determines what is suitable. 

Students should not wear:

  • Any items that feature provocative images or slogans 
  • Clothes that are overly revealing 
  • Ripped jeans, designer or otherwise 
  • Footwear which could cause damage to flooring or pose a health and safety risk such as flip flops, high heels or backless footwear 
  • Extreme piercings and tattoos are not considered appropriate for the sixth form environment 

For safeguarding reasons students must be recognisable as members of Lordswood Sixth Form Centre: 

ID badges MUST be worn at all times. 

LSFC Mobile Device Code
We understand that mobile devices are a useful learning and communication tool for sixth form students. You are therefore allowed to use your mobile devices providing you adhere to the following guidelines.

During Lessons
Mobile phones / devices / headphones should NOT be used
Mobile phones / devices should be turned OFF
Mobile phones / devices / headphones should not be on display

Around the Main School Building
Mobile phones / devices / headphones must not be used or on display in the following areas:

  • Corridors
  • Canteen, conservatory or ante-hall during whole school break and lunchtimes
  • Any area where they are visible to students in lower year

New Sixth Form Block
Mobile devices are permitted in the Sixth Form Block but should not disrupt other students or lessons.

Attendance & Punctuality Code
Lordswood Sixth Form Centre expects a minimum attendance of 95% from all students. Students are required to attend the Sixth Form Centre every day they have a timetabled lesson.

All year 12 students will be expected to register with their review tutor unless they are on work placement.

Unauthorised Leave
LSFC does not authorise holidays in term time.  In exceptional circumstances, the Headteacher may authorise leave.  An application form and guidance should be requested at least 2 weeks before the planned absence.

Absence Due to Illness
Notify the school by 8.30am on the day of absence.  Students must bring a letter from home to explain all absences due to illness on their first day back in school.  Any long-term medical condition which is having an impact on attendance and/or punctuality must be discussed with a member of the sixth form team.

Authorised Occasional Absence Requests
The followed absences will be authorised:

  • Hospital, orthodontist appointments
  • University interviews and open days
  • Driving tests and theory tests
  • Certain religious holidays

Absences should be requested at least 24 hours by completing the form available from the sixth form office.  Proof of the appointment must be provided at the time of the request.

Unauthorised Occasional Absence Requests
The following absences will NOT be authorised:

  • Standard Doctor/Dentist
  • Driving lessons
  • Any appointments that can be made out of lesson time

Students are expected to arrive on time for registration and all timetabled sessions.  Registers are taken in all sessions.  Students will be subject to the LSFC disciplinary code if they are late or absent without permission.