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The course requires the study of British and global history as well as the undertaking of a coursework unit.

Over the course you will:

  • Explore how different factors cause historical events
  • Explain why interpretations of history change over time
  • Identify parallels and differences between different periods and topics in history
  • Interpret a range of primary and secondary source material
  • Craft analytical and relevant essays with an increasing mastery of vocabulary
  • Develop your independent research skills

Why choose this?
Students with an A Level in history have progressed to degree programmes in a range of areas, such as: history, ancient history, archaeology, politics, international relations, journalism and law. As a very well respected subject, history is given high consideration for many other university courses (provided you meet the entry requirements) such as medicine and economics. Studying history prepares you for careers in a range of industries, including but not limited to: education, law, business the civil service. 

Areas of study & assessment
Unit 1: From Pitt to Peel, 1783-1846
Unit 2: Apartheid and Reconciliaton in South Africa, 1948-1999
Unit 3: The Middle East, 1908-2011
Unit 4: a choice of topics for coursework 


  • Oxford University visit
  • Q&A with Professor Eugene Rogan
  • Newman University visit
  • Trip to Parliament

I would really recommend an A level in history to anyone who has a genuine interest in the past or in current affairs. It is one of the most highly valued humanities degrees by universities and it can lead to a whole range of career options, not just a history teacher! You need to be a student who has an inquiring mind and who is willing to act on your own initiative to find out the detail of the topics studied.  I’m going to university to study history for three more years but, even if that wasn’t my path, I wouldn’t regret studying history at all. It has made me much more questioning and evaluative about everything I see and hear in life.

A Level History student