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The ever changing climate of the business world is fascinating. The impact of the external environment on organisations, and how they react, illustrates how successful managers/CEOs can be.  The influence of finance on business organisations and how money is managed makes the business world a very competitive place. By studying business you could end up being part of a global company helping to provide the best possible service to clients using problem solving, communication and team working skills.

Why choose this?
Whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur, someone who wants to work for one of the world’s largest organisations as a CEO, or just an individual who would like to know more about the world of business, then this course could be for you! Staff have years of experience running their own businesses, working for large organisations and in teaching.

The A level business course is aimed at students who engage in discussions about the current business environment based on their own research and understanding of articles they have read. They must be able to work independently, students are expected to make extensive and thorough notes so that they can be prepared for 3 examinations after 2 years of study. 

Areas of Study & Assessment 
There are 4 themes that are taught over 2 years.

Theme 1: Marketing and people 
Students will develop an understanding of:

  • meeting customer needs
  • the market
  • marketing mix and strategy
  • managing people
  • entrepreneurs and leaders

Theme 2: Managing business activities  
Students will develop an understanding of:

  • raising finance
  • financial planning
  • managing finance
  • resource management
  • external influences

Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy
This theme develops the concepts introduced in Theme 2. 
Students will develop an understanding of:

  • business objectives and strategy
  • business growth
  • decision-making techniques
  • influences on business decisions
  • assessing competitiveness
  • managing change

Theme 4: Global business 
This theme develops the concepts introduced in Theme 1. 
Students will develop an understanding of:

  • globalisation
  • global markets and business
  • expansion
  • global marketing
  • global industries and companies (multinational corporations)

There are 3 exams at the end of the course:
Paper 1- worth 35% of the course is based on Theme 1 & 4
Paper 2- worth 35% of the course is based on Theme 2& 3
Paper 3- worth 30% of the course is based on Theme 1, 2, 3 & 4 


  • Opportunity for students to start their own in-school business 
  • Trips to the German Markets, Cadbury World, Alton Towers
  • CIPFA challenge
  • Mentoring KS4 business students

Studying business at A level was a very important step in my journey as a young professional. At first, I wasn’t sure of my hopes and aspirations but learning business at Lordswood Sixth Form Centre helped me to develop a goal of becoming successful in the business industry. Business is a part of everyday life so I found it very interesting looking into why businesses make certain decisions to react to changes. In my first year I was able to focus on the four main functional areas in business: finance, marketing, operations and human resources. All were very engaging, as I gained an insight into how very different businesses operate to achieve their corporate objectives and fulfil their mission statement. I especially enjoyed the finance topic, as I was able to develop my maths skills to work out profit margins, break even etc. In my second year we looked at a changing environment and how major components like the economy and competition impact a business’ strategy. Overall the course was very enjoyable, with the excellent support from staff helping me to gain a place at Manchester Metropolitan University to study business management.

Business A Level student